2d Shape Homework Eyfs Curriculum

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Primary Maths - Shape and Space - Early years/ KS1

Shape and Space is a huge area of the maths curriculum, encompassing some important skills that also carry over to many other areas, such as D&T, Art, Geography and ICT. Luckily our talented teachers have contributed some thoughtful and attention-grabbing resources to share with everyone.

Shapes Fan

8 basic shapes to make into a fan for quick and easy reference.

Shapes Around Us

Slides showing photos with common shapes for pupils to find and discuss. Great as a preliminary to a shape hunt around the school.

What am I? Naming 3D shapes

Worksheet for pupils to consolidate their knowledge by naming and describing 3D shapes.

Piet Mondrian

Creative resources mixing maths and art, with swing soundtrack to work along to!


This activity develops thinking skills and facts for shape at KS1 and KS2. Simple ideas and a great range of activities lead to real exploration of properties of 2D shapes. A personal favourite!

What shape is it?

Recognise and name and common mathematical 2D and 3D shapes.

2D Shape Activities

A sheet for pupils to record objects they have found that are certain shapes. Also, play the ‘shape game’ in pairs to focus on shape properties.

Outdoor Shape Hunt

A sheet for children to add examples and photos of different shapes they have found

Polydron Booklet

Ideas and activities across the key stages for using this popular educational shapes resource.

Shape and Space

Videos of 3 lessons showing examples of true kinaesthetic learning, engaging pupils in discussion of shape properties using practical activities. Classes shown are Y1/2/3.

Make a Box

Pupils explore packaging then make their own box by designing and using a net.

TESiboard have developed some really useful and fun interactive activities to harness children’s interest while learning about shape and space. The following resources enable children to learn and practise positional language and are suitable for EY and KS1 pupils:

Position Them - The Picnic

Pupils act on positional instructions, by moving the creature into the position requested in the sentence at the top.

Naming Positions - the Picnic

Pupils choose the word that best describes the position of a creature to complete the positional sentence.

Woodland Disco

A funky game to put knowledge of positional language into practice. The three woodland creatures must be placed into the positions requested before they can start their disco! Full sound support is given.

These TESiboard resources deal with the properties of shapes:

Guess the Hidden Shape

Can pupils work out which shape is hidden, by looking at only a tiny section of it at a time? A great opportunity to discuss shape properties.

Compare Shapes - Opposite Statements

Compare two shapes using the comments listed, pressing positive/negative to get opposite statements.

Shape Grabber

A game to choose which 2D shapes match a variety of shape properties. A further challenge for pupils is to try and tessellate the shapes they’ve picked, to fit them together by rotating and positioning.

Sorting Shape Tree

An activity to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of shape properties. Choose the shapes in small batches and ask pupils to design ‘yes/no’ questions that will split them.

Shape Sorter 3D

Ask pupils to make up criteria to sort the shapes into different numbers of sets. The sets can be overlapped to make a Venn Diagram.

Shape Rules

An opportunity to use and practise the language of comparison. Ask pupils to change the size of the shapes according to the instructions on the screen.

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