Oracle Database Appliance Case Study

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Maximum Availability Architecture
presentationAmadeus - MAA Amadeus Mission Critical Applications
presentationAmerican Modern Insurance Group - Oracle MAA with database consolidation on Exadata
profileAmerisourceBergen - MAA with SAP on Oracle Exadata, Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, RMAN, Advanced Compression
presentationAutodesk - MAA for tier 1 apps (Siebel CRM and SAP ERP), RAC, Active Data Guard (cross country), RMAN, Flashback
presentationBank of America - Applying MAA best practices to standard service level tiers - Oracle RAC, Data Guard, and GoldenGate
case studyBeijing Mobile - MAA for database consolidation, Oracle RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, ASM, and GoldenGate for migration
profileCannon - Oracle MAA (RAC, Active Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate) on Exadata for IoT Services
podcastCARFAX - MAA for scalability and HA - Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, Partitioning, Grid Control, Advanced Compression
presentationThe Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - HealthCare Database Consolidation and MAA using Exadata
podcast, presentation
Commonwealth Bank of Australia - HA/DR for Database as a Service with Oracle RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, and Enterprise Manager
case study
Oracle Exadata in BioTech - Zero Downtime Expansion from Half-Rack to Full-Rack using MAA Best Practices
presentationFidelity Investments - Comprehensive data protection using Flashback, on-disk RMAN backups, Data Guard, and tape
case study Garmin International - Exadata MAA for database consolidation with Oracle E-Business, Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, RMAN
case studyA Real-World Technical Case Study of a Global Manufacturer: E-Business Suite, Oracle Exadata, and Oracle MAA
presentationGreat West Financial - Oracle MAA on Exadata
presentationLinkedin - Oracle MAA with Oracle GoldenGate and Active Data Guard, GoldenGate, and RMAN
presentationNew York Stock Exchange - Oracle MAA and database consolidation with Oracle RAC, Data Guard and RMAN on Exadata
presentationPaychex - Exadata MAA with Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, GoldenGate, RMAN backup to ZFS, Flashback
presentationSamsung - Oracle Restart and Data Guard Fast Start Failover in the Cloud
presentationScotiabank - MAA Best Practices for Client Failover - Oracle RAC and Active Data Guard with WebSphere and Oracle Universal Connection Pool
presentationSherwin Williams - MAA for E-Business Suite and database consolidation, Exadata, Oracle RAC, Data Guard
press release Sky Television - Database Consolidation with Oracle RAC, Data Guard, Partitioning and Enterprise Manager
podcast State of Connecticut - Oracle MAA and Peoplesoft Applications: Data Guard, Oracle RAC, RMAN, ASM, Enterprise Manager
presentationSymantec - Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, Exadata Database Machine, zero downtime patching
presentationTDS Communications - Oracle Exadata MAA with Oracle RAC, ASM, Data Guard, and Recovery Manager (RMAN)
articleTexas Dept of Information Resources - Consolidation on a Private Cloud with PeopleSoft, Exadata, Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, and Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
presentationThomson Reuters - Service level driven MAA deployment patterns using Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, and GoldenGate
presentationTravelers - Oracle MAA for PeopleSoft on Exadata
presentationU.S.Cellular - GoldenGate for loading ODS, Data Guard for DR, RMAN for backup to ZFS, and Exadata Flash for performance
case studyVocaLink - Exadata for mission critical OLTP with zero unplanned downtime and zero data loss HA/DR - Oracle RAC, ASM, Active Data Guard, RMAN
presentationWellcome Trust Sanger Institute - MAA and Oracle Multitenant
case study, presentation
WestJet - MAA on Exadata with Siebel, Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, RMAN, ASM, and Flashback
Global Data Services
presentationPayPal - Global Data Services with Oracle Database 12c
presentationAmway - Global Data Services with Oracle Multitenant, Oracle RAC, and Active Data Guard
Data Guard and
Active Data Guard - Automatic failover using Fast-Start Failover - Active Data Guard in Oracle Database 11g
articleAon eSolutions - Oracle Database Appliance and Active Data Guard 11g
presentationApple Inc - Active Data Guard 11g for data protection and to scale-out read performance
podcastAthenahealth - Active Data Guard 11g for HA/DR and to offload reporting
profileComputer Age Management Services - Offload reports and backups to 20TB standby database
presentation CERN - Active Data Guard for query offload, backup offload, and disaster recovery - Snapshot Standby for test
case studyCERN - Technology refresh and database migration with minimal downtime
podcast, presentation
Discover Financial Services - Active Data Guard 11g
Enterprise Holdings - Active Data Guard 11g and Data Guard Fast-Start Failover - HA/DR Across 1,000 miles
case studyFannie Mae - High performance using SYNC and ASYNC redo transport
case studyGarmin - Database Consolidation with Exadata Database Machine and Active Data Guard 11g
video HDFC Bank -  Data Guard for disaster recovery
Hunan Social Insurance Management and Service Bureau - Active Data Guard real-time HA/DR for pension insurance database
Intel - HA and DR with Data Guard 11g Fast-Start Failover
podcast, presentation
Intermap Technologies  - Using an Active Data Guard 11g standby for secure 24x7 Internet access
JPMC - Active Data Guard 12c - Far Sync for Zero Data Loss at Any Distance
Medscheme - E-Business Suite and Active Data Guard in healthcare
MetLife - Active Data Guard 11g, DR and Reporting
case study,
podcast, presentation
MorphoTrak - Active Data Guard 11g and Fast-Start Failover
Paychex - Active Data Guard 11g Implementation
Real Networks - Using Active Data Guard 11g instead of Materialized Views to synchronize reporting instances
profileSwarovski and Company - DR protection for SAP R/3
presentationThomson Reuters - Active Data Guard used for large data warehouses on Oracle Exadata
United Parcel Service - Rolling database upgrades using Transient Logical Standby
presentation VocaLink - Active Data Guard 11g, zero data loss protection
profile Xactly - Active Data Guard 11g - Enhancing performance by offloading queries to a standby database
Zero Data Loss Recovery AppliancepresentationSK Hynix
presentation Brazilian Justice Tribunal of Santa Catarina
Recovery Manager
presentationBritish Telecom - RMAN backups of Oracle Data Guard standby databases
presentationBank of America - RMAN Incremental Backup and Compression Strategies to Reduce Backup Storage Footprint
presentation Dell - Backup & recovery using Oracle Database 11g
presentationEnkitec - How to Configure, Size, and Monitor the Oracle Database 11g Fast Recovery Area
presentationFidelity Investments - Exadata Backup with RMAN
presentationIntel - Data Protection and High Availability Practices at High Tech Manufacturing
presentationJPMC - Real World Cross Platform Migration Using RMAN with Oracle 12c
presentation Nokia - The use of RMAN within Nokia's Oracle Database 11g MAA Architecture
presentation Starbucks - Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) VLDB backup and recovery architecture
presentationState Street Bank - RMAN, Exadata, and ZFS
presentationTDS Communications - Building and Maintaining Non-Production Databases using RMAN 11g
Turkcell - Backup and recovery strategy for Oracle Database 11g
Oracle Secure Backup presentationCSX Technology - Oracle Secure Backup in an Enterprise Backup Architecture
presentation Azkar - Oracle Exadata & Oracle Secure Backup (OSB)
presentation Monsanto - Oracle Exadata & Oracle Secure Backup
case studyOracle Internal IT saves over $300,000 with Oracle Secure Backup
presentation Safricom - Converged Communications Provider using Oracle Secure Backup for D2D2T Strategy - Exadata and Sun ZFSSA

Simple Yet Powerful

With Oracle Database Appliance, everything is simple—from sourcing right through to deployment and management. It’s engineered for simplicity and faster time-to-value, so you can run databases and applications on a single, managed appliance, with single-vendor support.

Automation is key to Oracle Database Appliance’s simplicity. It’s based on standardized, proven configurations, meaning there’s no need for guesswork or specialist skills. In fact, a database administrator can have it up and running within minutes. Patching is automated across the entire stack, as well as storage management—it’s all integrated into the appliance.

Oracle Database Appliance delivers everything you need for your databases and applications. And, unlike converged or self-build systems, if you ever need support, there’s only one number you need to call.

High Performance, Low Costs

Oracle Database Appliance is the lowest-cost entry into Oracle Engineered Systems. With capacity-on-demand licensing, you save substantial licensing costs and maximize the return on your IT resources—just pay for what you need, when you need it.

Many organizations waste IT spend on capacity they don’t yet need. Often, they don’t have a choice. Oracle Database Appliance is different. It’s completely flexible, so you can quickly scale up storage or memory when you need it.

By licensing processor cores on demand—a feature unique to Oracle—you can quickly scale from 2 to 72, without any hardware upgrades. This can translate into significant savings compared to other solutions, where you’re expected to pre-provision licenses that you may or may not need.

The same applies to hardware: we deliver a complete, engineered appliance, rather than build-your-own components. The physical footprint is small, and operational costs are low. Labor costs are cut across the board, too—delivering savings of up to 72 percent over traditional build-and-maintain approaches.

Purpose-Built to Perform

Oracle Database Appliance is specifically engineered by Oracle for Oracle Database. That’s something only we can deliver. And it means you get predictable, proven results, with minimal effort.

Your business relies on its databases, so you need them to run at peak performance all the time. Only Oracle can help you do that. All hardware and software up and down the stack is fully integrated and optimized for Oracle Database—no other vendor can offer such complete integration and optimization.

By running your databases on a purpose-built appliance—built on Oracle expertise and best practices—you know it’s been configured and optimized to perform at its very best.

Your Oracle Database Appliance, Your Way

With a complete range of use cases, you can use Oracle Database Appliance your way.


On Premises

  • Purchase the hardware and deploy it in your data center for complete control and security.

    • Complete performance, delivered securely
    • Increased staff productivity
    • Improved resource utilization for database workloads
    • Ultimate performance with all-flash systems


Development and Test

  • Deploy a purpose-built engineered system optimized for Oracle Database.

    • An appliance engineered for simplicity that delivers affordable DevTest
    • 10x lower core licensing costs with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition capacity-on-demand licensing
    • Quicker provisioning times and lower operational expenses
    • Greater productivity—each environment exists exclusively for each developer


High Availability

  • Ultimate uptime for your applications and databases.

    • Access data 24/7, and protect databases from both planned and unplanned downtime
    • Lower risk and uncertainty with a fully redundant, high-availability system
    • Reduce the service area of attack with a single-system patch feature
    • Receive support for Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), Oracle Active Data Guard, and Oracle GoldenGate for high-availability solutions

Oracle Database Appliance Products

Oracle Database Appliance X7-2S

Oracle Database Appliance X7-2M

Oracle Database Appliance X7-2-HA

Oracle Database Appliance X7-2-HA supports your mission-critical, high-availability database and application workloads. It reduces risk with built-in redundancy from the hardware through the software stack.

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