Lego Batman 2 Asylum Assignment Walkthrough Mini Kits Restoring Power

Chemical Crisis | Walkthrough LB2 Guide

In this mission you have to watch out for chemicals on the ground (to clean them up you have to use hazard suit). Move to the right side and destroy a bottle and other items near the corner (picture). After that use bricks to build a lever and pull it to get access to the Robin's suit.

Move right, get to the top of the stairs and jump to the pool on the right side. Use lever at the bottom of the pool and jump on the platform with first sample of chemicals (picture). Take it, eliminate enemies and move right.

In some moment you will reach to the elevator which will explode creating electric zone. Destroy four bricks surrounding the platform in the centre of the room and turn the valve on the left. Use Robin to clean chemicals from the platform and wear Batman into electricity suit. Move to the ladder on the left and use him on the machine (picture).

Now move to the left and take another sample of chemicals (pictures). Return to Robin, move him at the top of the ladder on the left side and jump to the container filled with water on the right. At the end you will reach the lever, pull it.

When the entrance opens pass through it. Get downstairs (stairs at the bottom of the screen) and use water to clean the chemicals on the ground on the left side (if you don't have any water you can jump to the small pool in the bottom right pool). Use bricks to build a platform and outfit Robin in magnetic suit. Return upstairs and move toward blue pipes (picture). Use them to get on the higher floor (Batman will join you by climbing on electric ladder).

Move to the left and pull big magnesium to the right (it will open the flap). Now use Batman on machine in tope left corner (picture) which will activate device with third part of samples.

Take them and move across the bridge. At the end use magnesium to lower a ladder (picture), use it to get higher. When you reach another bridge it will explode. Use bricks to build gangplank and use it to jump on the opposite edge.

Move right and wait until box will come to you (picture), now quickly jump onto it, leap on the wall and on the next edge.

Use magnesium on blue containers in the background (picture) and use to leap on the higher platform where you will find another samples of chemicals. Move right and use boxes to get on the opposite edge.

Use Batman on electric device and wear Robin in hazard suit. Get to the green hole with chemicals, fill the container and shoot at green hole on the wall (picture). Fill it up and repeat all actions with others holes on the wall (remember that you always have to pick up proper color of acid).

When the water shows up on the right use Batman to jump into it, swim to the opposite bank and climb up. Use electric device to turn off the power (Robin will join you) and use water on the chemicals on the lever near fence (picture). After this pull the lever and move to the next location.

In the next area eliminate enemies and jump to the top right corner (you have to use Batman) (picture). Now move to the left and pull the lever which will open flap.

Return to Robin and throw Batarang at silver brick in left top corner (picture). Move upstairs, pull the lever and jump to the hole which will show. Swim to the top shelf in main chamber and pull another switch. When the water leaks out take the last chemical sample.

After animation move right and use Robin to clean chemicals on the floor (near the left wall you can build device to fill a little pool with water). At the end extinguish fire on the left side (picture) and use bricks to build platform with acrobat suit.

Throw pole at first hole above the abyss and use another poles to get on the second edge (picture). After landing use trackball on the platform in the centre of the room to slide a bridge (Batman can use it to get on the opposite edge).

Use Batman on the first and next on the second electric device (picture). When bricks will fall out build a platform with power suit. Use it to pull handle on the right which will destroy blockade on the bridge.

In the next area destroy silver bricks on the right side and use pole to move Robin on the higher floor (picture). Use bricks on the ground to build handle for Batman. When he gets up move right and pull orange handle. The white-blue wall will show up. Use Robin to get on the top of this wall.

Jump on left side and destroy silver bricks near the edge (picture). When the ladder fall out Batman will be able to join Robin. Move left and shoot rocket at the silver steeple. Use it to get on the opposite edge and destroy blockade on your way.

Move right and eliminate all enemies. After that destroy two machines on the left and right side of the screen. Use bricks to build a platform, use trackball on it and move cursor at the picture in the left top part of the screen and press H (repeat it with picture in the right down corner) (picture).

It will block gas leaking from overhead pipes. Use stairs on the left to get there and continue to the right. In some moment you will encounter orange handle. Pull it with Batman (picture). Move to the new location with Robin and use walls to get on the platform which is above on the right side. Use trackball on the platform and lower lift. Use it to transport Batman on the right side. After that throw Robin's pole in the hole above the platform and jump on the next edge.

Move Batman to the right, wear electricity suit, use hook on handle to get higher and pull the handgrip. Now throw Robin's pole above the first acid pool and jump on another ones (picture) until you get to the ground. Pull the lever which will close the acid containers. Move Batman to the right side and use him on the electric device. At the end jump onto the container which will shows on the right.

Next part of the mission is beginning in burning room. As you cans see Superman has join to your heroes (he can fly, freeze the water and fire and destroy golden bricks using laser). Fly Superman on the platform and pull the handle (picture). When water quench a fire freeze it with Superman (Batman and Robin can climb up on the ice wall).

Start heading right direction, freeze next fire and wrap up Batman in power suit. Destroy nearby silver bricks and outfit Robin into hazard suit. Continue to the right and when you reach the green wall use Superman to activate three valves (picture).

It will open three hatches on the wall at the bottom of the screen. Go there with Robin, fill container with orange liquid and shoot it at the orange hole (picture). Repeat that action with other two holes (containers with green and valve liquid are in the next area on the right).

When the water starts to leak freeze it with Superman (picture) and jump to the platform on the right. You will reach the location with electricity. To turn the power off outfit Batman in electricity suit (you have to return to the area on the left) and use its powers on the electric device in the centre of the room.

Now fly Superman to the right where you will find the square gold part of the wall (picture). Use laser (press H) to draw a contour of the shape inside. After that heroes will be able to join Superman using grapple.

Continue to the right. After a while you will encounter another golden part of the wall. Burn it with laser, freeze the water (picture) and move to the top. Move right and use Batman on the electric device. In this way you will unlock the lift - get inside with all heroes.

You will start on the roof. Go to the right side with Superman and Batman in electrical suit. Use the first hero to destroy two golden objects in the left top corner and use bricks to build a ladder. Use it to move Batman on the platform and cut off the electricity (picture). Back to the left side of the roof and outfit Batman in power suit. Return to the right side and destroy silver bricks under the tank on the right.

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